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Welcome to DePoe Eye Center

Regular eye exams are essential to maintain a high quality of life. If you live in McDonough, Columbus, Griffin, Macon, Jonesboro, Fayetteville, Stockbridge, or the Atlanta area, the optometry professionals at DePoe Eye Center are ready to assist you. Our optometrist has years of experience providing residents of greater Atlanta with reliable eye care services.

Who We Are

DePoe Eye Center is run by Drs. Adam and Laura DePoe, two highly skilled optometrists with years of collective experience in the field. Dr. Adam, Dr. Laura, and our optometry team offer comprehensive eye care services and state of the art eyewear. We make it easy to address all of your vision needs in one location.

What We Do

At DePoe Eye Center, comprehensive vision and eye health exams are a priority. These exams test your visual clarity, eye-focus, and eye teaming. We will work to identify and address any refractive errors you are experiencing. We make use of the latest ophthalmic equipment for determining your corrective lens prescription to ensure your eyes remain healthy and your vision remains clear.

In addition to visual acuity, we test your eyes for diseases and conditions like macular degeneration, glaucoma, and cataracts that can impair your vision. Many of these diseases are not easily detectable until the latter stages, and at this point vision loss may be a real possibility. Through routine eye exams, our optometrist can catch these diseases early on when they are easiest to treat. Early detection and treatment can help prevent loss of sight.    

If you require eyeglasses or contact lenses to correct problems with your vision, we have what you need in our optical boutique. We carry the latest in designer frames and specialty lenses to suit your budget, personal taste, and lifestyle. If contacts are more to your liking, we offer a variety of soft and hard contact lens types and styles to choose from depending on your needs and preferences.   

In addition to treating eye diseases, we offer evaluation and treatment of eye injuries, emergency eye care services, and testing for LASIK surgery. LASIK is an alternative to eyeglasses and contacts for correcting refractive errors. We can assess you to determine whether or not you qualify for LASIK, and will provide you with pre and post-op care.

Visit Our Optometrist Today

DePoe Eye Center serves residents of McDonough, Columbus, Griffin, Macon, Jonesboro, Fayetteville, Stockbridge, and Atlanta. For more information on our optometry services or to schedule an appointment, call us at (770) 474-1237.

Reviews From Our Satisfied Patients

  • "Great experience
    5 stars say it all. Great people and service at this office. 1st-time visit and I'll be coming back."
    Harry Dearman
  • "I needed to see the doctor right away for a possible infection. I called and was told to come on in. I was only in the office 30 minutes - was seen, treated and out of the office. Not many doctors get work in appointment done that quickly. AWESOME. THANKS!"
    Karen Bassett
  • "I was in and out within a total hour time. The staff was wonderful and the doctor took his time with my exam and actively listened to me and answered all of my questions. This is why I continue to do business with Depoe Eye Center."
    Janice Malcom
  • "I was impressed with the level of professionalism that was provided by the entire staff. The receptionist, eyewear technician, medical assistant and more importantly the doctor were patient, courteous and knowledgeable. Each member of the staff took their time answering all my questions and concerns. I did not feel rushed or unimportant. I was extremely satisfied and will make this location my primary office."
    Yukema Gray
  • "Dr. Eichhammer (Dr. E.) took the time and brainstormed with me to get to the root of me not being able to see out of my glasses. Everything we spoke about got right down to the bottom of the issue. I have never felt so comfortable and not rushed. Also, the optician that we dealt with (I am so sorry I do not remember the name) has been doing this for over 20 years knew exactly why I could not see out of my glasses and made sure with my new pair I will be able to see with no issues! Thank you so much for an outstanding appointment. You all have a patient for life!"
    Jeremy Hamner
  • "Perfect place
    This has been one of the best experiences I’ve had at a physician’s office. The staff was always courteous and helpful, the building is clean and up to date, and Seth (Dr. Murphy) was always thorough, professional, and very attentive to what I had to say. Would recommend them to anyone."
    Jason Radford
  • "Good staff
    The staff was very understanding of my situation and helped reschedule my appt so that I didn't have to wait weeks to be seen again. The Doctor was very thorough and patient with my questions."
    Ruth Strickland
  • "Everyone makes you feel welcome!
    I feel like the staff here always make me feel valued and actually want to help me. Great place!"
    Whitley Moore
  • "Having had glasses for over 50 years and contacts for over 40 I have seen a variety of eye doctors over the years. Dr. Laura is the best I have ever used. My prescriptions are always exactly what I need and both she and her staff are efficient, courteous, and kind."
    Renee Sparks
  • "Excellent Customer Service
    The staff and the doctor make you feel like family. They call me by name and take time with me with each visit. I am so happy I was referred here by a friend. I love it!!!!"
    Melanie Daniels
  • "DePoe Is The Best Place To Go!
    My family loves everything about DePoe! We get the best eye care, service, glasses, etc... If you ever just pop in to have adjustments if needed, they are very willing and courteous to assist with our needs! Definitely would recommend them!"
    Sally McCorkle
  • "I had a very thorough exam with equally thorough explanations of what was being done and what it meant for me. This was an excellent experience and I will return next year for another exam."
    Baxter Hurley
  • "Trusted and Terrific
    Love these folks. Whether I am dealing with viral conjunctivitis or just needing regular exams they are quick, thorough, patient and kind. Most recently decided to try contacts for monovision test run. I never thought I be able to touch my eyes so much on purpose but they were very reassuring and they were right. After the recommended time in contacts, I may even be brave enough to go for Lasik. For now, though I am still in baby steps mode for contacts. Still so far so good as long as I follow their advice."
    Susan Ford
  • "Great staff here in Macon, I was impressed. They seemed to really care, were timely with my visit and spent much time addressing my questions and assisting me with my problem. I will be back for a follow-up and to order some glasses\contacts. I felt no pressure to buy anything in the front of the house, I knew they were there to assist, and will be back so they can do just that. I know this is a big outfit with multiple offices, but I felt I received very personalized service you might expect at a small facility in a small town. Please express my gratitude to Dr. Taylor and his staff."
    Mark Toth
  • "Superior service!"
    Rachel Shattah
  • "I have been going to DePoe Eye Center for several years now and have always received exceptional service. The doctors are patient and knowledgeable. Everyone on the staff is always very helpful."
    Christine Campbell
  • "Dr Laura is great, she is very thorough."
    SaraEllen Floyd Head
  • "Been going there for many years. Fast and friendly service. Great Doctor."
    Sylvano T D'Marco


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