Do your current lenses only allow clear vision when you are looking straight ahead?

Using the Visioffice® measuring system by Essilor®, we can measure the precise center of your eyes rotation and create lenses matched to this, resulting in a wider field of vision in your lenses. Our patients who are wearing the new Varilux® S Design proclaim “I don’t have to keep finding the sweet spot, it is all clear!" We can now measure and compensate for the fit of your frames on your face rather than assuming that every frame fits every person the same. With this new tool, we can even test your unique visual behavior and viewing strategy and incorporate the results into the creation of your Varilux S Design® progressive lenses.  The result is lenses optimized for the unique way that you use your eyes. Varilux® progressive lenses using W.A.V.E. Technology™ account for pupil size, age, prescription and viewing position to improve your vision at night and in low light conditions. We can truly make lenses matched to you, your eye, your frame fit and your visual behavior – a unique lens for your unique eyes.



Check out this video of how it works, and call us today to schedule your exam and custom eyeglass fitting using Visioffice® today! 


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