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Family Eye Care

At DePoe Eye Center in Georgia, our professional optometry team offers a variety of family eye care services. Our professional eye care provider helps patients of all ages with comprehensive eye exams, eyeglasses, contact fittings, cataract care, glaucoma care, treatment for eye injuries and eye infections, LASIK and eye surgery evaluations, and emergency eye care. Our team is committed to our family and pediatric patients and strives to deliver the best eye care possible in and around Atlanta, GA.


Catching Vision Problems with an Eye Exam

Ultimately, correcting vision problems for our patients is more than just giving them contacts or eyeglasses. We offer comprehensive eye exams that look for any potential problems that may arise in the future. Through a regular checkup with specialized testing, we can help care for our patients with various conditions like Glaucoma too. An annual eye exam is important for people of all ages, especially children, whose vision plays a major role in how they learn. Individuals who suffer from anemia, lupus, high blood pressure, or diabetes may also see changes in their vision that need to be remedied.

Contact Lens Exams

During a contact lens exam we’ll evaluate and measure your eyes so that whatever kind of contacts you end up with are both effective and comfortable. The types of contact lenses we provide include toric (for astigmatism patients), multifocal (for those with presbyopia), and soft lenses. The fit of the lenses will be assessed by a technician and the proper method to insert and remove the lenses will be taught as well.


Following a comprehensive eye exam at DePoe Eye Center, we can determine the best prescription for each patient.  We have many different kinds of lens materials available to choose from.  So whether you need your pair of glasses to be lightweight, highly durable, or able to correct your vision at multiple distances at once, we’ve got you covered.

Schedule an Appointment for an Eye Exam in Atlanta Today

DePoe Eye Center has an optometrist in 9 locations: McDonough, Griffin, Macon, Jonesboro, Fayetteville, and Stockbridge, Dallas, and Direct Optical Center Columbus. We offer emergency eye care services in Atlanta. We can help our patients to be relieved of any pain or discomfort as soon as possible. To learn more about our family eye care services, contact our professional eye care center today by calling 770-474-1237.


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